Thursday, September 30, 2010

Wierd phone conversation at work (Potentially NSFW)

When I worked for a large phone company who shall remain nameless (but may or may not have a logo which looks like the Death Star *cough*), our department got a toll-free number.

Previously, that number had belonged to Oster (maker of kitchen appliances, hair clippers, and apparently personal massagers).  That number was distributed through their owners manuals and apparently even a couple of years after they no longer had the number, it was posted on their website.

Thus ensued the following conversation with a coworker and a caller:

Coworker (male):  "Thank you for choosing the Galactic Empire, how may I destroy your planet?"
Caller (elderly female):  "My vibrator's not working."
Coworker: " . . . um, excuse me?"
Caller: "My vibrator's not working! My husband got it for me.  It was workin' real good, and now it's not working!'"
Coworker: " . . . ah, what, um, what company are you trying to call?"
Caller: " . . .  Oster . . . ?"
Coworker: "Oster . . . the appliance maker?"
Caller:  "Yes."
Coworker: "Oh.  You've reached the Galactic Empire.  Let me look Oster's number up for you.  Hold on just a moment, please." 
*searches intarwebz* 
"Okay, their new number is xxx-xxx-xxxx"
Caller: "Thank you!"
Coworker: "Have a good day, ma'am".

And THIS IS WHY every time we got a new employee we had to discuss sex toys with them and why it was a valid, work-related discussion.

(Although, to be fair, The Galactic Empire also offers TV in the form of Satellite and IPTV, and we were working at the office that monitored all the transmissions, including the premium pay channels, and so we all had to sign a waiver to not be offended if we saw something on a screen that would otherwise be NOT WORK APPROPRIATE.  Heh.)

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