Sunday, October 10, 2010

Adventures in home ownership: the soap dish edition

A few months back, for no apparent reason, I was flailing around wildly in the shower.  And I managed to flail my fist right into the ceramic soap dish, which promptly smashed off the wall and shattered into smithereens.  I managed not to slice my body to ribbons, and have basically just done without the soap dish for a bit (I have a hanging rack on the shower head anyway, and I tend to use gel soap, so, it really was no big deal.)

On one of the MYRIAD trips to Home Depot to fix the spare bathroom toilet, I got a new soap dish, some Liquid Nails, some grout and a small chisel with which to fix the soap dish.

Of course, I wasn't smart enough to measure the thing in advance, so I was left with a guesstimate about the size.  Fortunately, they come in fairly standard sizes, and I've actually a pretty good eye for measuring things, and I got the right sized soap dish.

Still being frankly hacked off about the issue with the back door, I figured some physical labour and breaking of something, with the subsequent fixing of something might prove satisfactory.  The chiselling away of the old adhesive was very cathartic, but it only lasted about seven minutes.

I slobbed about 3/4 of the tube of Liquid Nails on there (some was used this morning on the back door bottom weather stripping), put the soap dish in, smeared it around for good effect, and duct taped it to the wall, where it will sit for the next 24 hours before I grout the sides.

So now my soap dish is fixed, which is good.

I'm still angry, though.

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